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Total Hip Joint Replacement

The joints in your body are involved in every activity that you do. Basic body movements such as walking, running, and bending require the use of your hip and knee joints. All of these joints work together to allow the joint easy movement without pain. But when the joint becomes injured, the pain can severely limit your ability to work and move. One of the most common forms of joint disease, osteoarthritis, affects around 45 million people in the United States. Whether you are considering treatment, surgery, or even total joint replacement, OMNI Orthopaedics can help.

Getting Moving Again Part 2

The vast majority of individuals who have joint replacement surgery experience a dramatic reduction in joint pain and a significant improvement in their ability to participate in the activities of daily living. However, joint replacement surgery will not allow you to do more than you could before joint problems developed. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate level of activity following joint replacement surgery. In the weeks following total joint replacement, certain limitations are placed on every patient's activities.