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Even more things you can do to relieve joint strain

Handling heavy loads. To make heavy loads easier to handle, use your largest, strongest joints and muscles to take stress off smaller hand joints and to spread the load over large surface areas. When you lift or carry items, use the palms of both hands or use your arms instead of your hands. Hold items close to your body, which is less stressful for your joints. For joint safety, slide objects whenever possible rather than lift them.

Physical Therapy as a treatment option

Your Orthpedist will decide what the proper treatment for your joint pain is. One of the options may be physuical therapy.

Physical therapy can be helpful in the management of OA and RA. For example, a physical therapist may recommend: isometric (pushing) exercises to help build muscle strength without subjecting inflamed joint to excessive wear, isotonic (pulling) exercises to further increase muscle strength and help preserve function, daily walking, and using a cane or other assistive devices as needed