Medical Records/Transcriptionist


OMNI Orthopaedic’s Medical Records/Transcriptionist position provides Physician, staff and patient support with the release of records, films, and transcription duties.  and the ability to provide excellent patient care in a fast pass work environment. This position requires multitasking and the ability to provide excellent customer service in a fast-paced work environment.

Essential Functions

  • Maintains prompt and regular attendance.
  • Communicates effectively with physicians and co-workers.
  • Invaluable customer service skills.
  • Administrative duties:
  1. Obtain HIPAA authorization for records, Release records, Copy/Push films, Charge out records, subpoenas, operator support, scanning support for all departments, operate postage machine and have a Valid Driver License for use of company car to preform courier duties as needed.
  2. Understand medical terminology and abbreviations
  • Transcriptionist Duties:
  1. Knowledge of transcription software such as a foot pedal, audio software, and word processing software
  2. Type letters, correspondence, and other medical documentation
  3. Convert physician voice recordings to written report
  4. Review and edit transcribed reports for spelling, grammar, clarity, and correct medical terminology


Must have 6-12 months experience in a medical office.

Responses to qualified candidates only.

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