Writer's Cramp
I just want to share my amazing experience that I encountered at the Dover Office. The staff there is simply amazing. I felt welcome the entire time I was there. The nursing staff along with the office staff conversed with me as if I had been their friend for some time. Dr. Richterman was amazing. I had a great conversation with him; he taught me things about the arm that I had no clue about. He was genuine in asking about my life and discussing my career along with my hand/arm questions. I was simply blown away by my experience at the office. I was even somewhat sad that I don't have to return. Thank you Dover office, I really appreciate your kindness and how you make your patients feel welcome!
Trigger Finger
Three surgeries for trigger fingers by Dr. Richterman. He does a great job from start to finish. I have been a patient at OMNI Orthopaedics for years. From back pain to a broken ankle. Every one there is wonderful. I would never go anywhere else.
Total Hip Replacement
It has only been 6 days since my hip replacement. Even though recuperating is not a pleasant experience, it is much better than expected. I gave Dr. Pentz my complete trust and he proved to be an excellent professional. He truly is my hip angel. I sincerely thank Dr. Pentz and all the professional OMNI staff who helped me.
Titanium Cages in Spine
After 8 years of lower back pain that traveled down my legs, I made an appointment to see Dr. Cecil. Since my procedure I have recommended five people. I am extremely happy with his work. He's a doctor that truly cares for his patients. Because of Dr. Cecil, I can walk, sit, stand, and lay down without pain. Thank you so much. You are wonderful.
I was having severe low back and leg pain. Dr. Wake diagnosed the problem as spinal stenosis and herniated disc. He explained my diagnosis and the possible solutions. I chose to have back surgery and now my pain is completely gone. Dr. Wake encourages questions and never makes you feel rushed. He is a wonderful and caring doctor. Thanks to Dr. Wake... I am now pain free! I am very grateful to him for enabling me to once again enjoy my everyday activities. I recommend Dr. Wake to all with back problems! Thanks again to him and the staff at OMNI.
I lived for almost 1.5 years with constant posterior, and leg pain. One consultation with Dr. Cecil and we had a plan to fix it. He made sure I was completely informed and inspired me with great confidence. He scheduled my surgery a short time later at Aultman, a bunch of fine staff. He checked in with me before the procedure to make sure I was ready. Overall, this was the best surgical outcome I could hope for. Oh, the actual area of the surgery still hurts but the butt and leg pain are rapidly clearing up. Praise God for this skilled surgeon.
Spinal Fusions
I had scoliosis (65 degree curve) along with spinal stenosis. I was referred to Dr. Mark Cecil. I knew after talking to Dr. Cecil that he could help me get back on my feet. In June of 2013, I had 16 fusions (S/1-T/3) by Dr. Cecil along with Dr. Wake assisting. After surgery and therapy I am able to do pretty much anything I want to do. I would highly recommend Dr. Cecil and OMNI.
Open Tibia/Fibula Fracture
I was involved in a motorcycle accident on 08/05/2016 when I was hit by a car that ran a red light at an intersection resulting in me breaking the tibia, fibula and ankle in my right leg. The tibia tore through the skin which made matters worse. After a few surgeries and a few months, Dr. Papacostas had the tissue on my leg 100% healed. I do have a rod and several screws in my tibia which required additional surgeries to get the bones to start healing. All of the surgeries he performed have had positive results. I'm currently 8 months into my recovery and thanks to him, my full recovery is in sight. All I can say is that Dr. Papacostas is one amazing and extremely knowledgeable Doctor. He was very open and honest with me and explained everything he was going to do in great detail. I know for sure that he saved my leg from being amputated. I 100% recommend Dr. Papacostas and his staff to anyone that needs the best Orthopaedic Surgeon around. I will never be able to thank him enough for all he's done for me!
I had a bulged disc that was pressing on my sciatic nerve and causing my leg to go numb and was in pain all the time. I tried therapy, and then was referred to pain management for shots on my lower back. It worked for awhile, but my leg was not getting any better. I was referred to Dr. Wake for the surgery. I am very pleased to say the surgery worked. I am now pain free. Dr. Wake listened to all my concerns and told me all the options of the outcome for the surgery. He also answered all my questions and the questions my family members had. I was very impressed with his patience in answering my questions and his ability to listen to what I had to say. He made me feel confident that I was making the right decision.
Left Shoulder
This is the second time I used the services at OMNI. I dislocated my left shoulder and damaged my ligaments, tendons & muscles. I am still receiving the Rehab program that they gave. The Team of Specialists is unbelievable. Most of the pain is gone and I should be done by the end of September. I cannot thank my team for everything they have done. As far and the doctors go, you can't beat them. I used Dr. Papacostas for my broken femur and Dr. Hellman for my shoulder. If someone would ask me where to go, it would be OMNI. The care you receive is excellent. You will feel like you have known the doctors and staff for years.
L2-L4 Laminectomy
This medical company runs like a well oiled machine. Extremely helpful, friendly and caring people. Dr. Vince Wake is an exceptional surgeon. The only promise he will make you is that he will do whatever he can to make you better. He takes time to explain everything in a manner that is understandable without a medical degree. I rate him a 10.
Knee Injections, EMG
After 9 months of trying to seek an answer to medical problems, Dr. Papacostas immediately noticed muscle waste between my thumb and pointer finger. This finally led to my diagnosis of ALS. If it wouldn't have been for him, I might have gone another 9 months trying to seek answers. My husband saw him for the 1st time MON and he just loves him and he said the staff is so friendly. He said everyone was so nice. He said if anyone is to do a hip replacement on him, it will be DR. PAPACOSTAS!
Knee Injections
I cannot say enough about Dr. Pentz and his staff. He has given me injections to help my knee pain. He is a kind caring doctor that I would recommend for any orthopaedic problems.
Hip Surgery
I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Bickett and her staff for their professionalism and surgical skills during my stay and surgery at Mercy Hospital. Dr. Bickett has consistently been the epitome of a knowledgeable caring physician. Her sound decision making has been spot on and has left me with the utmost confidence in her as my surgeon. Anyone who has been under her care knows exactly what I am trying to articulate. OMNI Orthopaedics is very fortunate to have her on staff. Once again....thank you Dr. Bickett.
Hip Impingement with Labral Tear
I was seen by 11 doctors over the course of 7 years for severe groin pain. Dr. Bickett examined me for about 10 minutes and scheduled surgery. She warned me to be patient, this would be a surgery that takes a very long time to heal. I just hit my 1 year mark and could not be happier. I am back to my old self, enjoying life and playing basketball with my son again! The staff here is incredible.
Hand Wound
I had the most pleasant experience at OMNI, the staff are very caring & knowledgeable.
Crushed Foot
I suffered a crushed foot injury that required 3 surgeries over the last 3 years. There is no other doctor other than Dr. Papacostas that I would have wanted to treat my injury. He always took the time to fully explain the procedure he was going to perform and what I could expect after surgery. I feel he always had my best interests in mind and answered my questions clearly and honestly. During my office visits his nurse Jennifer was always prepared and knowledgeable about my treatment. I have received top care and fantastic results from the hands of Dr. Papacostas and his staff over the last 3 years.
Bilateral Total Knee Replacements
At long last I have 2 wonderful knees to stand on. Thanks to Dr. Charlick for the ability to be mobile again.
Back Surgery
Dr. Wake did my back surgery last June. He is a very nice doctor and he talks to you as a human being. He explains everything and asks if there are any questions. I would recommend anyone see him if they are having any kind of spine problems. Very nice guy and very down to earth not like some doctors I have been to.
Back Surgery
I would recommend Dr. Wake to anyone for their back surgery. He is very open. He tells you the way it is and is straight with you...Than you so much for taking away my back pain!
Back Surgery
Dr. Cecil performed spinal surgery on Feb. 11, 2015 and after rehab at Woodlawn I was able to sleep in a bed for the first time in five years and and walk without a cane. And for the first time in five years I have no back pain and can sit down on any kind of chair without pain. On a scale of 1-10, Dr.Cecil and the people at Woodlawn are rated 11 in my book.
I saw Dr. Papacostas for my ankle and he was awesome! He is so knowledgeable and approachable. The office itself is amazing and the staff are friendly and attentive. As far as I'm concerned, there is no place better!
It will be 3 years this coming December that I was involved in a horrific accident with a railroad car. It resulted in me losing my lower right leg. Dr. Pentz was the surgeon on duty the morning of my accident, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Dr. Pentz is an outstanding person and doctor. He was compassionate throughout the entire process. I would recommend Dr. Pentz for any orthopaedic surgery that you may need.
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