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Total Joint Replacement

Orthopaedic solutions to replace damaged joints with prosthesis to make them work like new again.

OMNI surgeons can replace a damaged joint with an artificial joint called a prosthesis using a variety of specialized surgical techniques. Made of metal alloys and high-grade plastics (which are intended to mimic the function of bone and cartilage, respectively), the prosthesis is designed to move just like a healthy human joint.

Common surgical methods for
total joint replacement at OMNI include:

  • Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
  • MIS Hip Replacement
  • MIS Knee Replacement
  • Outpatient Total Joint Replacement
  • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Robotic Assisted Replacement
  • Total Ankle Replacement
  • Total Elbow Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Total Shoulder Replacement
  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

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  • Total Joint Replacement